Tonga Ogashi, Yuuma Kaneda, Dexter Fleming & Ron Winchester boarded the SS Anne heading towards Kumquat Island in the Orange Archipelago.

One day while travelling the open seas, the passengers witness something strange: A stream of sea-creatures, a never ending school of various monsters, from Seels to... Spheals... and all manner of gilled, finned, dorsaled, tentacled & shelled creatures. Hundreds if not thousands of Monster travelling somewhere to the east.

Suddenly a massive sea creature appears, a Lapras carrying several Monsters on its back quickly catches up to the ship, bringing with them a thick mist that engulfs the SS Anne and obscures the strange and rare sighting. The passengers return to their cabins confused and mesmerized.

That night, the passengers and crew alike fall into a deep, Jigglypuff-induced slumber. When everyone awakes, they realize they have been stranded on a strange island with no sign of the SS Anne or any clue how they got there.

A small group of Survivors, including Tonga, Kaneda, Dexter, Ron, A man with a sandshrew and A man with a magnemite set out to explore the island and find the source of a distant fire. While exploring, they come across a trail cut into the dense jungle, the path leads them steadily upwards, towards the summit of the volcano but on the way they come across a little girl and her monster, a terrifying flying monster with scythes for hands. The girl pleads with them to leave before fleeing. They chase the girl through the bush, following the trail of chopped leaves and vines. They are slowed by a net set up to trap animals, but eventually come to a huge clearing with a gigantic boulder at its center. Cautiously, the group approach only to discover that the huge monolith is a Monster! It nearly crushes Ron Winchester to death but he escapes with bruised ribs. The Snorlax seems reluctant to move, as if he guarding the very ground he is sitting on. The group debates going further up the side of the mountain or whether to stay here and see how many people it takes to move a sleeping Snorlax.


You realize you have gone much too far to travel back to the beach before night falls so you must make camp nearby.


-Why were the passengers and crew of the SS Anne stranded and where is the ship?

-Where were the sea monsters heading towards?

-Who is the girl that lives on this island, and is she the only one?

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