This is a summation of episode 17 of The Landscape Season 2.

In a flashback, we see Mac and Speelock entering the lair of Imnerexous, the green dragon on Mac's Hit List. The battle between the behir and the dragon is long and fierce, but finally, Mac ends the battle, slicing off Imnerexous's head with his katars. Mac undergoes another sickening change, almost completely reverting back to his Behir form.

In the present day, the party lands the Conflict II: The Moneyist in the docks of the renovated Esakar Landing. They find that a great many things of changed in the Landscape, including it's rulers, major players, and political borders. It seems that they've been plane hopping for the last 22 years according to PMP (Prime Material Plane) time.

JimJam, disconcerted and upset, prepares to leave the group and head back to the Tiefling run continent now known as the East Kingdoms. Kel, mortified that Ametemnon is now the undisputed ruler of Karthoogh, has a drunken night of brawling on the town. The rest of the group do their best to learn the lay of the land. The concensus seems to be that they'll head to the Swordmaster Academy by way of Grem's Slide, hoping to find Vincent, Johann's long abandoned half-elf son.

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