This is a summation of episode 26 of the Landscape season 2.

The adventurers find themselves under attack! A vicious, ghostly kraken appears from the depths and begins to assault the crew of the Conflict II, and those attempting to retrieve the Oleander. Connect tries to blast the phantasm to oblivion, but ultimately it is Tophat's eldritch blast that fells the beast. 

Gust lands the ship on the coast near Fort Selis, and the crew explore the innards of the ship. They find the long decomposed body of a tiefling Kel identifies as Hush - a warlock that helped him during his confinement aboard the ship. They also find the entombed remains of a Sahuagin chieftan, which goes a long way towards explaining why the group was attacked when attempting to disturb the sunken ship. Kel searches frantically, but can find no sign of Conquest or his lost bracer.

The group exits the ship, and find a strange rag-covered stranger waiting for them on the beach. The tiefling identifies themself as Jae Lee, and reveals the lost bracer from beneath their robes, hoping to barter it for the treasure left on the Oleander. Kel snaps once again, and charges the beggar, who turns out to be a skilled and dangerous warrior. During the fight Kel unveils the stranger's face, revealing massive sucker wounds from a battle with the giant squid. Kel surrenders, bleeding and panting heavily from the walloping he recieved, and the group agrees to trade for the bracer.

Kel and Gust leave to the Everstorm to track down the Orb of Dragon Command, while Connect decides to visit her father. The rest of the group head to Rakim to investigate rumors of a powerful mage who has reportedly taken control of the Blue Wind (of the Seven Deadly Winds).

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