Korea X - 2151CE

Korea X refers to: the unification of North and South Korea into a singluar country in 2151, and the war that took place over the following years.


On April 1st, 2151, South Korean forces, with the support of Russian Tidal Commandos, Russian Royal Air Force and the Chinese splinter faction Hǔ-Qi invaded North Korea, easily and quickly overwhelming defensive forces. This unexpected flip of allegiance startled the world, and many countries were very unsettled by the strange allegiance. The government of South Korea's sudden and drastic change in public and diplomatic policy put much on the world on edge. The widespread fear was that North Korea would retaliate with Nuclear weapons. Korea's new Prime Minister Min-jun Pak negotiated a quick cease-fire and assured the world community that the conflict was over, containted, and that a steady peace had finally returned to the once torn country.

The Galvana Prime AnomalyEdit

On December 4th, 2151 in Pyongyang, strange gravitational disturbances were detected by the Pacific Seismic Network. Aircraft began to crash inexplicably, streets crumbled, hills and valleys shifted, and controversial reports have stated witnesses saw several office towers rip from their foundations and float into the air. Scientists across the globe scrambled to get readings and data before world governments and intelligence agencies locked down the area. 

This was the first such occurrence. 

Military InverventionEdit

Following the Galvana Prime Incident, many Western powers beleived that Korea had been experimenting with future-tech weapons, and that the disaster in Pyongyang was a test of some sort of gravitational bomb. Militaries around the world scrambled to respond, with different factions laying claim to the percieved technologies or throwing their support behind the Koreans. The war, known now as Korea X, was waged over the Eastern Pacific for nearly four years. 

Before the war reached an end, three more strange metaphysical incidents occured, these are detailed in the article pertaining to the Galvana Incidents.

Resolution and AftermathEdit

The war concluded on August 6th, 2154, when the Galvana 4 Incident revealed that the force behind the metaphysical activities was in truth a pan-dimensional alien race. Captain Austin Lewis' reappearance after his dimensional abduction during Galvana 3 confirmed Intelligence Agencies suspicions that Korea had little or nothing to do with the gravity bomb that destroyed Pyongyang.

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