Kel is a player character in both the Landscape Campaign, and in Spelljammer.

The LandscapeEdit

Formerly an officer of the Esakar Empire, Kel was banished by Emperor Ametemnon after his refusal to lead troops into The Landscape (following the tiefling invasion of his own homeland). Shortly after arriving in The Landscape to spend the rest of his days in exile, he was captured by the dwarves of Rockchewer Hold. After the escape staged by Rob Wilbur, Kel found it convenient to join the group, eventually forming friendships with the strange collection of individuals.

After spending some time with the party, and seeing the chaos and destruction brought on by the Esakar invasion, Kel left the party to confront Ametmnon. He proposed that instead of waging war on The Landscape, The Esakar join forces with the people of this continent to drive back the ever growing tiefling threat. The
dragon emperor would hear nothing of it, and cast Kel into another plane of existence in an attempt to solidify his exile.

In this new spelljammer universe, Kel was rescued by a small party of pirate-like adventurers, piloting their ship through space in search of glory and wealth. He joins their group, and over time, learns that there is a way back to his own universe. Through a bit of luck, combat, and betrayal, Kel manages to craft a ship for himself in a dwarven factory and set a course for home (leaving his new companions behind).

Through another stroke of luck, he Kel's ship miraculously lands a few miles south of Farwall, where his former party members were just saying their goodbyes to the recently departed Leanor. He rejoins the group, as he knows their motives and goals will ultimately bring him closer to his own; Vengance.

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