John Tobart

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John Tobart was born Shazogrox, a member of the Greshtharx Nation. Ostracized for his outlandish ideas about uniting the beholder nations under one empire, the Hive Mothers decided to make an example of him. His central eye was plucked out and he was banished from Greshtharx space.

With his central eye gone his inherent anti-magic field went too, leaving John free to pursue the arcane arts. He took the path of the Beholder Mage, giving up his innate abilities for studied wizardry.

Seeking revenge, John discovered the location of the Ravager, and devised a scheme to take control the powerful weapon. Using the specifically designed Skyrunner, his polymorphed crew, and the unwitting PCs, John was able to bypass the beholder-proof wards and activate the Ravager.

John was able to destroy much of the Grestharx armada before being confronted by the PCs. John was killed by a lightning bolt from Grey-eye Deadtalker.

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