This is a summation of episode 11 of The Landscape Season 2.

The reunited party catches up with Kel, discovering the dark events that he survived in Border during their trip to Aerie. They show him around the L.U.V. and they begin their ride to the Silver Oak within the Brightomb Everstorm. Reginald casts a spell to divert incoming lightning attacks, and everyone gets inside the burned husk of the once great tree safely.

Darvin collects the Heart of the Tree from the Silver Oak and leads the group through to the underbelly of the tree, where a golden hatch the bottom opens at his touch. They descend into a starry blue void, and traverse across many floating silver platforms until Johann and Darvin, their elvish senses guiding the way, find the platform that is linked to the Silver Oak in the Landscape.

The group returns to the original Silver Oak via this magical route. Darvin plants the new Heart of the Tree into this tree's acorn, in hopes it will keep the tree alive. Exiting the tree, JimJam dislodges part of the tree bark, and find's a silver doorframe. This is - apparantly - one of the hidden magical artifacts that the group has been searching for for so long.

Surveying the new developments on the continent: Broxinullst has melted down one of Ashadon's Teeth, and the Esakar army has moved inland, and now sits merely a kilometer or two outside Grem's Slide. The party sneaks into town, speaks to Ron, Roger and Gust about their adventures. Ron assures them he can use the telescope and door to transport them to the Astral Sea, and Gust promises them a small force of his sailor Bronze Knights, led by Sir Clamp , a blackscale lizardfolk (with a prosthetic lower jaw) - to man their ship.

Before leaving town, the group sets up a defense for the town, to assist the magical "Peace Wall" in keeping the Esakar at bay - a bevy of trained archers, and a magical floating mouth with attitude to keep the Esakar harried and enraged.

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