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Helja hails from the City of Brass on the Elemental Plane of Fire. She's an avid traveler and makes frequent trips to the material plane.

On one such trip Helja ran afoul of Calastryx, and was taken as one of her most prized posessions. The party encountered Helja in her prison where she was able to imbue Hunter X with fire resistance to aid in their fight against the red dragon.

After defeating Calastryx, the party freed Helja. Though their meeting was brief, she caught the interest of Hunter X. Helja deflected his advances and returned to her home, but not without inviting the party to one day meet with her in the City of Brass.

Later (during a timeskip), Helja contacted Hunter X and the party to ask them for assistance in tracking down her missing sister, Meiya. Meiya had been taken prisoner by an efreeti slave trader, and the party was able to track them down and free her. In return, Helja granted Hunter a magic cloak embued with her fiery powers.

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