Grey-eye Deadtalker

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Diviner 6

Grey-eye Deadtalker was the shaman and chief's adviser for his Orc clan, having been bred specifically for the purpose by his now-deceased father. He was trained in the magical arts by various slaves and prisoners, his half-human heritage providing them with a sense of safety, and his intelligence challenging their own. He learned quickly and found particular interest in the arcane art of scrying and auguring. Using the bones of his clan's enemies as arcane ingredients and spell components, Grey-eye keeps a strong tie to his heritage and his loyalty to his clan. After being recruited by John Tobart to assist in the battle against the Ravager, Grey-eye assisted Yorick Morack and Octavius Capo Thundertone in piloting the ship, and leading the battle against John after the beholder's treachery became evident.


Grey-eye is a pragmatic, highly intelligent wizard of the Divination school. As such, he plans ahead, has a strong sense of long term goal setting and works very strategically. Despite these appreciable attributes, he abides by most orcish customs and traditions, many of which are less than acceptable to other humanoid races.

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