The gnomish scientist Zook Namfoodle regains conciousness to see Yorick, Asmunder, Capo and Gilbur watching over him. After introductions, they realize their goals overlap: both partes are stranded without a spelljammer and looking for a way out.

Before they go, they examine the wreck of the DHI steamwheeler Progress. Though the core is gone they find the planes powered Rakshaka engine mostly intact, but in need of repairs, plus a few magic repeating crossbows.

On the way, Zook is able to identify the properties of the black teapot Yorick discovered in the ratfolk warren. This deadly vessel both masks any poisons brewed in the pot, while increasing it's potency.

As they approach the capital the party passes through farmlands where workers struggle to grow crops in the harsh tundra. They stop to talk with one farmer, Perrick (the mostly toothless), and ask him about his situation. Perrick sees Goro as a strong and powerful leader. That being said, times are tough, what with the difficult winter and the economic sanctions levied against the Kuma nation by the Kyomi Shogunate. In a fit of charity, Yorick donates one hundred gold pieces to Perrick's cause.

Our heroes arrive at the heavily fortifed capital Kuma. Passing the armed guards at the entrance, they briefly explore the city, passing through it's walled sections and stopping at an inner city tea shop to purchase the finest leaves they can find. Outside the castle they speak with a city minister, Yasu, who reads over the parties letter of recommendation from Ivan and agrees to arrange a meeting with Goro. At last, they meet with the daimyo. Capo carefully prepares the traditional tea and they present their gifts. Though intrigued by the unique jade ink pot, Goro returns the statuette of the unicorn riding a maiden, saying that it once belonged to the Minisako family, who's cursed lineage and ruined family name clings to the statue like a bad odour.

The party makes their case, and though Goro would like to reward them for their service, he's very resistant to the idea of giving up a Spelljamming core. With both the Oni and the Shogun bearing down on his nation, he simply can't afford to lose a ship. Thus, the party agrees to help him. Though not willing to get involved in the civil war, our heroes decide to join the mission to move into the spirit realm and stop whatever scheme the Oni are cooking up...

Next Session: The Morackulous Thundertone Three ft. Zook Namfoodle

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