This is a summation of the season 2 finale of The Landscape.

Our heroes help get the survivors of the Blast Rail explosion to Umberlee, ensuring everyone is safe before heading into the jungle after Purple and Green.

The trail leads them to a massive silver Willow, the insides of which are beginning to rot and die. They surmise that the winds have been feeding on the magical tree, causing it to lose it's power. Inside, the group quickly become separated. Johann and Gerrard fall through a weakened floor to a lower level of the root system, and run across Purple while attempting to rejoin their group. The demon tries to evade Gerrard, knowing that the adventurer carries the Sword of Umberlee.

Meanwhile Tophat and Connect search for a safe way to descend and find their lost friends. They end up finding the remnants of a long lost elvish cult that worshipped the tree, and mistakenly attempt to ask Green - in the form of a large amphibian - for assistance in locating the winds. The demon attacks them, and the two work together to chase off the wind.

Tophat and Connect find a way down to the lower levels, and arrive in the nick of time as Gerrard and Johann reengage Purple. The wind attempts to flee once more, but is captured.

The adventurers climb back up again, and locate Green, weakened and nursing his wounds from the previous battle. Gerrard makes quick work of him, capturing the demon in the blade.

With the capture of the winds, life begins to return to the tree. Tophat takes one last look at his friends and utters a magical incantation and falls dead. A white wisp exits his mouth and swirls into the Sword of Umberlee. Connect desperately attempts to revive him with her magic, but moments later, Tophat snaps back awake. The dragonborn is now a fully fledged lich, using the Sword as his phylactery.

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