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Born in a faraway land, Gerrard is a half-dwarf disciple of Bahamut. Working with a group of other disciples Gerrard defeated an evil dragon plaguing his home and as a reward they were allowed to undergo the rite of rebirth. After his days of meditation he emerged a champion of Bahamut. Since then, he and his team have been stationed in Io’s domain, traveling from place to place as missionaries, spreading bahamut’s will, justice, and protecting the weak.

With rumors and stories of Broxinullst’s rise and the shift of power between good and evil dragons on the landscape, Gerrard and his team were tasked by their exarch to travel to the Landscape, investigate the situation, and report back. Unfortunately, their planar ship (The Breath of Light) popped back in to the prime material in the territory of a particularly angry dragon and were immediately attacked. Taken by surprise, their ship was damaged and sunk. Gerrard washed ashore, barely alive.

The status of his allies unknown, and his way back to Io’s domain at the bottom of the sea, Gerrard still works to complete his mission. To find his allies (if they’re still alive), investigate Broxinullst and the other dragons, hinder their evil ways in anyway he can, and eventually find a way back to Io. While he’s here, he has an obligation to mete out justice, protect the weak, and engage in general do-goodery, though this is all secondary to the Broxinullst problem.

Gerrard is a large man, standing 6’2” with a broad, tough-looking, muscular build inherited from his dwarven mother. Though his features are still human, he has subtle platinum scales from his rebirth ritual. He wears chain armor with a grey travelling outfit, and wields a metallic silver staff with an icon of Bahamut.

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