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Renaissance Lich

Garblon is an ancient lich well known throughout the civilized spheres for the ecclectic list of endeavours he's undertaken throughout his unlife. Though best known for his musical compositions, Garblon's long CV includes scultpure, woodworking, animal husbandry, martial arts, university lecturer, and many others. When bored with one hobby he simply drops it and finds another.

Though most view him as benign (if a little unnerving), there are many that have their questions about the enigmatic lich. Nobody is quite sure just how long he's lived, and there are many unflattering theories about who he might have been in his original life. Garblon's mastery of the necromantic arts is rivaled by few, and some wonder just what he's really up to.

Garblon's spelljammer, Enervation, is a morbid amalgamation of bone, flesh and ghostly sails.


The party first encountered Garblon in session 08 during the Songs of the Spheres concert on Orbul where he preformed with his undead orchestra. Capo took a liking to Garblon and visited him during the intermission to ask for tips from a fellow composer.

In session 30, the party once again runs into Garblon, this time on the Rock of Bral. Garblon has grown weary of the central spheres and plans to travel to Golarion in the outskirts of civilized space for a change of pace. However, since the flow leading to Golarion had been severed, his plans had been delayed. Luckily Capo was also planning on heading to Golarion, using his astral compass to guide him. Capo deliberates and decides to trust Garblon and lead him through the phlogstion to his homeworld Golarion.

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