Mac causes trouble for his dwarven captors, euthanizing his fellow human slaves to "reduce the viable workforce size". Leanor is forced to act as a house servant, and Darvin is being studied and methodically dissected so Rockchewer can eat the emerald, while Tophat and the other dragonborn are being tortured for information. Darvin and Tophat make their escape from opposite ends of the fortress, while Johann and Mac are pitted against each other in the arena in front of thousands of cheering dwarves. They refuse to battle each other and work together to fight wave after wave of dwarven guards. Tophat finds Leanor and the group's equipment, and the party is reunited in the arena, battling with the legendary Holdmaster: Uri Rockchewer .

Just as the battle is at it's most pitched, Ron Wilbur and Speelock arrive to save the day... with a million tonne tidal wave rushing along behind them. The wave washes the combatants out of the arena and into another antechamber - where Tophat has time to grab a strange broken sword , and Mac slays the Holdmaster, taking his starmetal dentures as a souvenir - just before a second wave hits and sends them tumbling over a cliff...

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