This is a summation of episode 24 of the Landscape season 2.

The adventurers spend a few weeks helping Reginald Ainsworth clean up the now purified Farwall Estate. It is during this time that Reginald, having completed his quest to break Leanor's curse decides to retire from adventuring, and become the steward of Farwall once again.

The human agrees to rent out rooms in the estate to his adventuring friends, and gives each of them a parting gift before they head out on their next adventure.

The group decides to track down and speak to Linger about current world events, and thus they head off to Gust's lair on the eastern coast of the Landscape. It takes them a few weeks to get there, and along the way signs of the Titanium God's cult and their destructive practices can be seen. Several small villages are left in ruins and the remains of skirmishes between the Shroom Dwarves and the cultists scatter the path between Grem's Slide and the coast.

Gust greets the group warmly, glad to see his allies are well after having disappeared for two decades. Linger and Gust catch the group up on their version of events, specifically that two of the worlds most powerful dragons: Ounjerul and Frichadar, have seemingly disappeared. Gust thinks Broxinullst is behind the disappearance, and that itself is worrying as it signifies that the titanium dragon is regaining some of his sanity and cunning.

Johann tells Gust about his visions, and finds that the first part - Gust knighting Linger - has already occurred. Gust is curious about the vision, and is willing to force it to fruition by travelling to the last known location of the Oleander. The group decides to go along with him and the Bronze Knights, and they depart.

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