This is a summation of episode 18 of The Landscape season 2.

The party returns to Grem's Slide, finding it a changed place. The much loved Ron's Shop closed many years ago, replaced by a common tavern, and the shrine to Valerie's death is replaced by a macabre stone headsman's block.

The group tries to get their bearings, and learn about the death of Roger at the hands of Ametemnon, and the murder of Rita at the hands of MajMij, JimJam's evil doppleganger from another plane. The town guard suddenly rush into the town square, surrounding a strange warforged, who announces the Titanium God's intended apocalypse, and then explodes in a massive cloud of molten metal. Many of the nearby townspeople are killed, and several buildings destroyed. A tiefling woman named Connect (daughter of Dissect) joins the group, she is a missionary of Lovebot, hoping to establish her religion amongst the kingdoms of the West. Knowing they can't do much about the Titanium God's cult right now, they head on to Karthoogh to visit the Swordmaster's Academy.

Johann has a difficult and tearful reunion with Vincent, his half-elf son. Ron investigates several strange books he recently "acquired" from a library in Esakar Landing, pointing him in the direction of a haunted forest. Darvin begins to learn his way around the Capital, attempting to find any security loopholes in the floating castle of the King of the West. Reginald is invited to take the Swordmaster's tests. Tophat learns about an ancient Grandmaster who sold her soul for immortality, becoming Kahn Arborsbane, the lich who severed the head of High King Galareon the White and burned the Coiled Glade to the ground. Connect attempts to forge a connection with Vincent, thinking he would be a good candidate for a Portal Guardian.

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