Reginald - A new grandmaster is being sworn in, he is an elf and bears the Fighter's Blade. The Academy is burning down.

Tophat - The leaves in a forest turn from green to yellow to brown, and the bark peels off the trees. A white haired woman (wearing a cloak with the sigil of a dying tree) strides through the forest, stops at an immense oak tree, and opens a lead box.  

Kel - Ametemnon sits on a throne (which glows with blue geometric runes), his crown drips blood onto his face. Puppet strings tied to his wrists and neck trail upwards and over the back of the throne, to a shadowy figure beyond.

Connect - A fortress is under seige, warriors are dying. The wounded men beg at the gates to be allowed back in, but the lord denies them and locks the door. Within the castle is a portal to the Love Dimension.

Johann - Gust knights Linger. He flies out over the ocean and dives down, finding an old shipwreck (the Oleander ). He attempts to drag the ship to the surface, but is attacked by Sahaugin.

Darvin - Elves flee their treetop homes, hiding underground, scared and hungry. Through holes cut into the sides of hills, they peer outside, watching as an immense purple form with dozens of clawed legs tramples through the forest. Darvin puts his ear to the holes, and hears Mac: "Darvin! It's her FATHER!"

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