This is a summation of episode 27 of season 2 of the Landscape.

Our adventurers arrive in Border via the blast rail, and hastily slink out of town in order to make their way to Aerie on foot. The ruined town of Aerie now lies at the bottom of the deep canyon it once floated above. The rubble of the town holds many lost treasures, but also many dangers.

The group is attacked by the Orange Wind, which has taken on the form of four eagles. The adventurer's wit is put to the test to find a way to best the incredibly fast and heavy hitting demon. First Darvin, then Johann, and even the mighty Gerrard are knocked out the fight by the Wind. In the end, Tophat's invisibility spell puzzled the demon long enough to revive the unconcious Gerrard so the Invoker could make the final blow with the Sword of Umberlee and trap the deadly demon.

The sadness and desolation of the town lingers however, as when the demon is captured, nothing returns to the way it was before, like it had done with Blue and Yellow.

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