Dimension Drive is a science fiction roleplaying game set in the 22nd Century where human beings have discovered the abillity to travel to new dimensions in space and time. We follow the explorers, scientists and soldiers of the United Nations Multiverse Command. Their mission: to explore alien worlds and procure knowledge and new tools for the betterment of Earth and the protection of all her citizens.

Dimension Drive


Fate (Chronica Feudalis)




Andrew, Cristina, Dan, David, Jake, Shaun

Multiverse Portal Recon SquadEdit

Session SummariesEdit

Episode 1: Welcome to Multiverse CommandEdit

Episode 2: All Aboard the Dimension TrainEdit

People of the MultiverseEdit

UNMC Earth Other World

Places in the MultiverseEdit


Earth Other World
  • Crownus
  • Xuberon

History of the MultiverseEdit

Major Events

Personnel Events

Music of the MultiverseEdit

See the Dimension Drive Tracklist


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