Demon's Run

Used by

The PCs.







Power Type

Minor Helm


2 Heavy catapults, 1 heavy ballista, 1 cannon, blunt ram, corvus

Keel Length


Beam Length


The party's current spelljammer, commisioned from Duncan Heavy Industries on the Rock of Bral. The name for the Demon's Run came from the Senro soldiers that called the party demons after they betrayed the Kumadan and stole their ship in session 22.


Based off the popular DHI 'hammership' frame, which is a popular choice for merchants and explorers braving more dangerous areas of space. With thicker armor and heavier weaponry than many civilian ships, it's well suited to those that find trouble always follows them.

In exchange for a price reduction, Yorick Morack agreed to have a large DHI logo painted on the side of the vessel.

The Demon's Run has received a few modifications from the basic design, sacrificing much of it's cargo space for an alchemy lab and brewery. Additionally, in session 30, Baron Ramrod installed a broadside cannon as part of the deal that brought him into the crew.


In session 29, the Kuma general Ryoko was executed in the cargo hold, and her hate filled spirit leapt from her body and attacked her killers. Though the spirit was dissipated, a cold and ominous aura still clings to that corner of the room. Some of the more superstitious crew members say you can hear Ryoko's voice in the night while the rest of the ship sleeps...

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