This is a summation of season 2, episode 12 of the Landscape campaign.

The adventurers arrive on the outskirts of Esakar Landing, and send JimJam and Darvin Woodlund in to scout out a suitable ship for their trip to the Astral Sea. Darvin tricks the crew of the I.S. Conflict into leaving the ship unattended, and the lizardfolk knights are sent in to sail it out of the harbour, and to the waiting party down the coast.

Once all aboard, the crew helps Ron Wilbur to set up the doorframe and telescope, and he conducts the ritual to transport the crew to the Astral Sea - with Reginald Ainsworth taking careful notes the whole time. Suddenly the ship bucks, launches forward, and bursts into a slip stream of magical energy!

The ship appears to be on a random course, planeshifting through dozens of dimensions, disrupting massive battlefields, waking a sleeping beholder, entering a strange mirror world where the ship's entire crew (and the beholder) are beset by doppelgangers with beards! Ron is hurled from the ship, lost in the magical slipstream, and Reginald desperately searches for a way to bring the ship to a stop. Tophat McMonocle however, is the one with the answer, and recites an ancient poem told to him by Paul, Mylene's undead husband.

The instant the recitation is done the wild jumping stops, and the goateed dopplegangers disappear, and the ship crashes to the ground, flipping end over end, hurling the crew from it's decks. They find themselves now on a strange island, where all native living things seems to rapidly grow, die and decompose, only to restart the cycle over again. They realize they are in the Astral Sea, on the dominion of Death Himself. After some searching, they find themselves in a strange rotted-out burrow, nestled between the chitinous folds of the massive being called Death Himself, talking to an ancient, sarcastic, and very bored soul.

Through the enslaved soul, the group asks Death Himself three questions. The first gives them directions to find the gold dragon Linger, the second is wasted on a witty retort, and for the third, Tophat asks to become Death's emmissary, and seemingly the wish is granted, with the god instructing Tophat to attain a phylactery for himself. Surprisingly, Death Himself seems to break his own rules, granting a fourth question to JimJam! The clever halfling asks a great question: "What is the Killing Joke?" As they turn to go, the spectre tells JimJam the reason Death broke the rules: "You don't have an expiry date..."

Having recieved their answers, the group leaves the burrow and rejoins the Bronze Knights.

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