Last time on DARuPuGuh!

The group splits up and goes about their individual endeavors:

Cannon Girard disappears into his newfound underground passageways, hoping to explore them more fully...

A strange young man from Orlais enters the circle tower seeking Kael CorvinusKyprios Rose becomes Kael's first student and the two continue working on reparing the ancient tower with the generous help of House Monnet who is busy preparing a shindig for the unveiling of their newest wine (Monnet Malbec).

The Monnets decide to invite a few dignitaries from the neighboring townships, including a familiar face, Lord Konrad Dhiamus of Bastion. The guests arrive and the party begins smoothly. An odd, yet charismatic fellow named Denmark Sharthur travelling from Wycome shows up and entertains the party-goers with his eccentricities.

Natalia does her best to incite the visiting Lord Konrad and his wife. When the wine is unveiled, The Monnet's decide to honor Lord Konrad and their strange new guest Denmark by having them come on stage and take the first sip. After graciously accepting, Lord Konrad suddenly goes berzerk and begins attacking those around him, yelling and rambling nonesense. With the help of his ex-circle tower buddies, Kael discovers that wine is full of powerful, unrefined Lyrium, ( The party erupts into chaos, with an intoxicated Natalia attacking the delusional Lord Konrad and his defenseless wife but the madness is quickly quelled by the rest of the group.

An investigation into the lyrium-laced wine is launched, with Kael and Kyprios chasing after Denmark, who vanished in the night's proceedings, taking with him Lord Kyprios' prize warhorse Reginald. The group now plans to escort the Antivan princess back home while Augustus gets to the bottom of the malbec mystery. That's about it in a nutshell.

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