The Chrysalid Ledger is a newspaper published by the Scribes chapter in the capital of the island. It contains a variety of news items, editorial articles and advertisements. Paperboys and news stands through town sell the Ledger for 3c, and it is regarded as being up to date and reputable.

The Ledger is associated with a daily publication: the Silk Road Star, which while informative, is understood to be published with less journalistic rigor and oversight.

See below for the latest issues:

Chrysalid Ledger 11

Chrysalid Ledger, December 10, 1892

Chrysalid Ledger 10

Chrysalid Ledger, December 9, 1892

Chrysalid Ledger 9

Chrysalid Ledger, December 5, 1892

Chrysalid Ledger 8

Chrysalid Ledger, December 3, 1892

Silk Road Star 7

Silk Road Star, Evening Edition, December 2, 1892

Chrysalid Ledger 6

Chrysalid Ledger, December 2, 1892

Letter from Yama

Yama's Letter to Zaos, November 30, 1892

Chrysalid Ledger 5

Chrysalid Ledger, November 29, 1892

Chrysalid Ledger 4

Chrysalid Ledger, November 28, 1892

Chrysalid Ledger 3

Chrysalid Ledger, November 26, 1892

Ledger 2

Chrysalid Ledger, Page 2, November 25, 1892

Chrysalid Ledger 1

Chrysalid Ledger, November 24, 1892

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