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Chagas is a character played by Shubert in the Zenith campaign. Chagas is a Symbos, a parasitic alien that currently inhabits the body of 'Drew', his human host. He is strong-willed and charismatic, though he often acts strangely, for a human.


Like most Symbos, Chagas is rarely seen outside of a host body. Drew, the current host, is a pudgy, dark haired male human in his mid 30s.

As Chagas' host, Drew worked as a communications officer for a cargo delivery company until the Attack on the 86, which led to Drew being labeled a deceased terrorist. After escaping the incident, Drew assumed the identity of a hot dog vendor, who was himself secretly a hired gun known as "Deadeye McKel".

Before becoming a host for an alien parasite, Drew accrued an enormous amount of debt and sold his body on the black market in a bid of desperation.

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