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Octavius Capo Thundertone is a character played by Shubert in the Spelljammer campaign. He is a famous court composer from Andoran, Golarion. Capo is a proud husband and father of three. He is currently heading back to his home planet on his pipe-organ spelljammer.

Early Life

Capo was born in Andoran, a peaceful country on the planet Golarion in Golarion-Space. His parents were both professional musicians.

His father, Cato Thunder, came from a military family, but chose the life instead of a travelling minstrel. Cato was infamous for his rough-and-ready band of misfits and their unbelievable adventures. Throughout his career he penned hundreds of bardic melodies, some of which can still be heard today in shady taverns across Golarion. His mother was a famous opera singer of noble birth named Octaviana Tone. She often sang for the royal family and was good friends with the queen, who envied Octaviana's incredible voice and beauty.

One day, Cato heard Octaviana's powerful voice resonating through the street as she was rehearsing in her home . Cato found himself utterly mesmerized by her singing, and decided he must get a better look at who the voice belonged to and so proceeded to climb the roof of her home. While peering in at Octaviana through a skylight, Cato quickly became infatuated by Octaviana. Then the roof supporting him collapsed and Cato fell on Octaviana's bed, breaking it in half. Cato was quickly arrested for making innapropriate comments towards noblewoman and served several years of indentured servitude to the king and queen of Golarion. During this time, Cato eventually won the love of Octaviana, and the two had a son and named him Octavius Capo Thunder-Tone. Soon after the birth of their son, Cato left Andoran and was not seen of again.

Capo was encouraged from an early age to pursue a career in music. Although he often wondered what it would be like to be the subject of a song instead of its singer, his mother urged him to focus on practising various instruments and songwriting. By the time Capo was a young adult, he had already written several operas and became Andoran's official court composer.

Court Composer


Capo and his wife, have three children, 2 sons and 1 daughter. Their eldest son has taken over Capo's job as court composer in Capo's absense. Capo's other son and daughter are less interested in music and have persued careers in other fields.

Capo also owns a riding horse named Gusto.

After starting their adventure, Capo returned to his homeworld once to visit his family, and gave his wife an Emerald Elephant, one of the treasures he found on his travels.

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