This is a summation of episode 10 of the Landscape, season 2.

 Our heroes leave Aerie to travel through Border, hoping to find Kel safe and sound. After searching high and low, JimJam accidently trips over an invisible bundle lying on the ground outside The Pit (the capital tower in Border, which is suspected to be an entrance to the Underdark). The bundle is revealed to be Kel, although physically shrunken, emaciated, still totally awesome, and in a deep coma. The group makes their priority getting Kel to Lovebot, and travel back to Yaral.

While Lovebot works his magic on Kel (which requires an extended amount of attention due to his extensive injuries), the group tries to tackle the problem of the Silver Oaks. The nearest one is within the radius of the Brightomb Everstorm, and will be incredibly dangerous to reach. They decide their best course of action is to modify Lovebot’s Blast rail container to be able to move on wheels, and go to Ardour to speak with Dissect, the teifling that gave the robot his current body.

Dissect is excited about the potential this new modification has, and the impact it will have on his doctoral thesis! He makes a simple enough request: bring him the trapped essences of six fire elementals. The Silver Solus wizards inform them that Leftscar Volcano - a few short days travel away - is their best bet to find a planar rift between this plane and the Elemental Chaos. They crash their way through the jungle to the volcano and delve straight in, wounding and capturing a small collection of furious fire elementals before disturbing a massive elemental beast deep in the heart of the volcano: a Cinder Hydra. The group manage to whittle the creature down; weakening it to the point that Reginald manages to capture it in the Rod of Elemental Containment. Their only regret is that they didn't cut off more heads... Or have Kel with them.

Returning to Dissect, they check on Kel, who appears to be making a recoveryyet is stil (miraculously) completely awesome. Lovebot informs them that he should be well enough to attempt to wake, and they give him a shake...

Kel bolts up, eyes wide and shouts, "MOTHER! VIOLET! MOTHER!” and slumps back down, panicked and shaken, but awesome and barely conscious.



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