This is a summation of episode 20 of The Landscape season 2.

The adventurer's assail the Lost Dino's camp, finding it to be a well disguised excavation site, with a massive hole in the middle of the fort. Reginald sneaks in invisibly and attempts to quickly take out a few of the archers. This attracts the attention of MijMaj, who in short order stabs, poisons and magically compells the Swordmaster to hurl himself from the edge of the excavation pit into the rocks below. As he lay dying, the parties newest addition, the young pacifist Connect tumbles down into the pit after him, bringing him back from the cusp with the power of Lovebot's divine healing.

The bandits eventually lay dead, defeated by our exhausted and wounded heroes, but MijMaj is nowhere to be seen. They have a feeling he may have descended into a deeper section of the excavation via the central elevator.

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