Search for the Missing Avatar






Cristina, Dan, David, Jake


The Search for the Missing Avatar was an adventure roleplaying game set hundreds of years before the Avatar television series


The last Avatar dissapeared more than 20 years ago. The Four Nations still live together in Harmony, but without the Avatar to mantain balance, the spirits grow uneasy and tensions are rising. Each nation has begun its own search for the Avatar, hoping to find him to gain his favor, or perhaps try to control her and use her power. The Search has each nation on edge and with paranoia mounting, the Avatar is needed now more than ever to restore peace and balance to the world.

A mysterious organization gathers a select few talented individuals from across the Four Nations to aid them in their secret search for the missing Avatar. The "specialists", each with their own personal reason for seeking the Avatar, have gathered in a dimly lit Tavern to discuss plans and begin their search, the Search for the Missing Avatar!

Session SummariesEdit

Player CharactersEdit

Notable NPCsEdit

Allies Enemies Other
  • Order of the White Lotus
  • Xin Zhao
  • Jun

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Ba Sing Se
  • Mo Ce Beach

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