Asmundr Vurrnburl

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Barbarian 4/Oracle 1/Rage Prophet 3

Asmundr, a fierce and powerful warrior of the Vurrnburl clan, a northern bear tribe in Senro Space.

His mother: Heilmva Vurrnburl, a venerated Red Banded Paratrooper for the Imperial Special Forces.

His father: Bruskiv Tajlskor, a generally well-hated war-hero, womaniser, gambler.

Asmunder lived life in Senro Space as any Army cub would: fighting. He became a furious enraged fighter in the blink of an eye, often getting into trouble with his superiors for rash and violent behaviour within camp, although his berserker abilities were admired in the field. Following a particularly heated encounter with one Lieutenant Jarluf, Asmunder was reassigned duties, and was required to lead the fording of a crucial river inside enemy territory. As he fit the final hook into the riverbank, Asmunder was hit directly in the chest by a GPB (Gnomish Pop Rocket), killing him instantly. His unit went on to lose the battle fantastically, despite his sacrifice.

Three nights later, under a crisp clear night sky, Asmunder awoke on the riverbank to the sound of a child singing, the bodies of dozens of his comrades piled on and around him. He forced his way out of the mass grave, covered in the crusted blood of his friends, and searched for the child. In the shallows of the river downstream, playfully splashing at a group of minnows, was a small human girl named Emily. The ghostly child smiled at Asmunder, touched his chest lovingly when he asked what she was doing, and faded into mist.

The touch of the ghost child left a permanent mark on Asmunder's chest, a white hand print where the GPB had struck him and dealt it's mortal wound. The flabbergasted bear returned to his clan, who had thought him dead. When they asked him where he had been and what had happened, the distraught warrior was unable to muster the words in his own language, and instead sputtered forth in an unintelligible but beautiful hymn the tale of his death and resurrection. To this day, at times of great stress, Asmunder is unable to speak or understand common languages, resorting to his Celestial chant.

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