Welcome to Archipeligo! You have been stranded on an unknown tropical island with very little resources and few, if any, survival skills. It is possible with the right tools to thrive in this environment, but in your current state, it will take both clever thinking and luck just to survive.

The good news is there are others, stranded people just like you. Banding together may be your only hope to survive, or will it turn out to be your downfall? You will be playing with real people, but your identities will remain a mystery and your objectives may be slightly different...

Besides surviving, your objective, if you choose to follow it, is to be rescued. You do this by accomplishing a secret mission, randomly assigned to every player. Accomplishing your character's mission will not be easy. Some players may have the exact same mission as you do. Sometimes your goal may even directly conflict with another player's mission.

If you succeed your mission, you win! Your character will be rescued and you will have the choice to come back into the game again with a new character with a few added benefits.

Still interested? All you have left to do is to make a character! It's easy, just fill out the "Character Sheet" shown below and send it to me in a private message! Be as brief or as detailed as you'd like. There's nothing I love more than 10 page backstories :D

The game will begin as soon as the first person sends me their character sheet. The rules will be simple and explained as we go along. Good luck!





One item you always have with you:

One thing you're good at:

(Optional) How you got here:


That's it! Here are some examples below:


Name: Fenton Applehammer II

Description: 36 year old cattle rancher from southern united states. Enjoys extra rare steak and shooting guns. Divorced twice. Wears a red plaid shirt and faded jeans. Cried when Whitney Houston died.

One item you always have with you: Pack of beef jerky

One thing you're really good at: Hunting

How you got here: I have no idea!


Name: Jamie Jackson

Description: Young music student.

One item you always have with you: iPhone

One thing you're really good at: Rock-climbing

How you got here: Aren't you supposed to be running this game? You tell me!


Name: Jack

Description: 6th grade menace to society.

One item you always have with you: A lighter

One thing you're really good at: Elaborate pranks

How you got here: They let me into the cockpit of the airplane and well, I'd been drinking...


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at any time. I hope you enjoy the game! 

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