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Aqueon is a campaign setting design by Shaun that takes place primarily in the island kingdom of Chrysalid. It is a campaign of political intrigue, mystery and adventure.

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Aqueon - The New WorldEdit

Over a thousand years ago Aqueon, the so-called Last Angel, descended from the Heavens and called a council between the rulers of every nation on earth. Myths and legends agree on this at least, but the tale of what happened in the chambers the great kings met Aqueon in is hotly contested, with dozens of philosophers and fabled first hand witnesses arguing over what caused the Last Angel to unleash the destruction he did upon the world. Mountains crumbled, oceans shifted, elves, dwarves, and many other magical creatures and beings became endangered or extinct. Humans, miraculously, were the only race to persevere and flourish in the new world. The factions and kingdoms that eventually formed following the Cataclysm decided to call their planet after the angel that laid it’s judgement down on their ancestors, and since then, it has served as a constant reminder of the unfathomable power mortals can never know.

The KingdomsEdit

The Noble Families Edit

Although the noble families of each island kingdom are most involved with their own separate affairs, they do keep representatives from their family among the other islands to see to their interests abroad. 

The GuildsEdit

In Chrysalid and the surrounding Islands, there are 14 guilds (some officially recognized, and others operating illegally) that make up and manage most of the business, labour and services that regular citizens on the island need on a daily basis. Some guilds are highly regulated factions that legislate and manage its members (ie. ticketing a tradesperson as a journeyman or master), others are like unions or co-op boards, and still others are a loose association that are more or less just lumped together by an outside opinion. All of these guilds have a role to play, and all can be found to be a source of interesting politics and intrigue.

Social GuildsEdit

Economic GuildsEdit

Criminal/Underground GuildsEdit

Warrior GuildsEdit

Magic and FaithEdit

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