This is a summation of episode 31 of the Landscape season 2.

The adventurers, in hot pursuit of Indigo, end up at the peak of Leftscar Volcano. The demon disappears into a haze of swirling toxic gas which hovers forebodingly above a giant maze of rocky paths and violently shifting lava pools. The group attempts to make their way across, but are beset by a Volcanic Dragon doing the bidding of the Deadly Wind.

While dealing with the dragon, Connect hears the cries of her father from the far side of the lava pools. She rushes through the noxious clouds, just as the group fells the dragon. 

They find Indigo with the blade of a sword at Dissect's neck, the hostage frightened out of his wits. Indigo offers a trade: he'll return Dissect intact in exchange for his hydroponic invention, and a cutting of a Silver Oak. The group agrees, but Connect offers to take her frightened father's place as a hostage. She convinces the demon that she is capable of finishing her father's work, and Indigo agrees. 

Leaving Connect with the demon, the rest of the party escorts Dissect to safety. While Johann stands guard over the inventor, Gerrard, Darvin and Tophat rush back to rescue their friend and re-capture the demon. Indigo is none too pleased about the bargain being broken, but doesn't get much of a say in the matter. Gerrard, swiping clumsily with the Sword of Umberlee, manages to connect and Indigo is sucked up into the blade.

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