The Al'Taggart Family Edit

The vastly wealthy royal family of Chrysalid makes their home in the cliffside straddling fort-castle of Crestlock. They have held the royal crown since the current king's eleventh birthday (he is now

The Al'Taggart family crest

nearly 90), and the dynasty shows no signs of ending soon. His Royal Highness Paul Al'Taggart III has sired two sons and four daughters, all of which have at least one male child. The family fortune was originally from trade of spices and herbs grown on the island's lush western slopes, and since their promotion to royalty the coffers have been flush with gold and silver due to the royal inheritance of the island's silk farms.

The Al'Taggart family crest depicts a grey moth on a red and yellow background. Their motto: "Once we were one, Onwards we reign" references King Paul III's childhood, when all of his relatives and ancestors were killed or murdered in the Tricorn Wars. At age 11, Paul became King of Chyrsalid, and all Al'Taggarts living today are his direct descendants.

The Family Tree Edit


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