The party stops off on Golarion to restock supplies and recruit some meatshields crewmates, before following the instructions to the planet Orbul in Bral-space to attend the Songs of the Spheres, the concert they found an invitation to.

They find on Orbul it's much more than a simple concert, and indeed a planetwide celebration of music, art and culture, the Festival of Dreams, is taking place. The party explores the sights and sounds, meeting Schloop, the plasmoid wannabe-chef, Qubey the rogue Modron, a human merchant and avid follower of Gruumsh, Stenrol Farwicket the thri-keen instrument maker and others.

Near the end of the festival the main event begins. At the concert, the party watches a number of acts, including Garblon, the lich conductor and his undead orchestra, and Basilisk, the ultimate heavy metal group.In the second act the peace is disturbed by the appearence of a masked man known as the Silent Bandit, who uses an alchemical potion to steal the voice of one of the performers. Gregor and Capo give chase after the bandit, who weaves through the scaffolding and set pieces backstage before losing his pursuers through the attic window.

Next Session: The Silent Bandit!

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