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This is a summation of episode 2 of the second season of The Landscape.

Aboard the Alice Gullfat, the merdwarf sailors do their duty to keep their ship sailing, delivering Ounjerul`s hoard to the Old Continent across the Razor Sea. Working through an inventory of the ship`s supplies, the merdwarves discover a trio of stowaways: Darvin, Johann and Reginald. The dwarves, obviously already having a multitude of issues and conflicts amongst themselves, find the stowaways to be a catalyst for an explosion of arguements and secret plans.

While Reginald convinces Captain Croshaw to allow the trio to stay aboard the ship, First Mate Nurfort Bronzeanchor hatches a plan that he hopes will allow him to snatch control of the ship from Croshaw in a daring mutiny. He contracts Darvin to assassinate the Captain, and releases Ounjerul`s monstrous menagerie from the cargo hold as a distraction.

As the sailors and adventurers deal with the monsters, Darvin enacts a plan of his own: a double-double-cross, he reveals Nurforts plan to Croshaw and entraps the First Mate in the Captain's Cabin.

Nurfort escapes however, and the crew of the Alice Gullfat, now minus a treacherous First Mate, and missing important elements of Ounjerul's delivery needs to make an important decision - to land at Fort Selis Bay, or to run, hoping to evade the dragon's wrath.

The Merdwarves drop the adventurer's in a dingy just a short distance from the bay, and as the trio rows into Selis Cove, a nearby ship along the same route is suddenly attacked by a massive marine creature...

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