This is a summation of episode 32 of the Landscape season 2.

The adventurers return to Ardour and help Dissect get settled back in. Concerned for her father's safety, Connect looks for a Portal Guardian to serve in the city, and ends up interviewing three strange applicants. Irith, an elven warlock; Manacle, a tiefling warrior; and Beast, a tiefling ranger. Manacle seems to be a little to brawny for Connect's tastes, and she decides to recruit both Irith and Beast as a duo. The portal in Ardour is established, and everyone rejoices.

In the middle of the night, while Johann entertains a lady guest, and Tophat, unable to sleep, conducts research on phylacteries, the town is attacked by massive undead giants. They seem almost to be hulking possessed ghosts, their innards spilling over with glowing purple worms. A good portion of the block is destroyed as the giants wreak havoc, and the adventurers (except for Johann) immediately jump out of bed to deal with the attack.

As the fight draws to a close, Kel reappears, and catches the group up on his recent adventurers, which include attaining the fabled Orb of Serpents, learning more about the original battle against the Seven Winds, and his search for inner peace with a yogi guru in Reolassum. The group confirms that they aim to finish the fight against the winds before they return to the West Kingdoms, and Kel agrees to meet them before they sail back across the ocean.

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