This is a summation of episode 25 of The Landscape season 2.

The adventurers, having set sail about the Conflict II: The Moneyist once more, travel across the ocean with Gust in order to find the long lost wreck of the Oleander. Kel looks forward with excitement to see what befell his one-time fore, the tiefling warrior Conquest, and the others are curious about Johann's vision.

The voyage is over soon enough, and the Bay of Fort Selis looms ahead. Following Gust, the group dives beneath the waves and survey the wreckage. It is now covered in barnacles and coral, enough so that accessing the hold pose enough of a danger to the adventurers that Gust decided to fulfill the prophesy and raise the ship from the ocean floor. 

Upon disturbing the wreck, the group is beset by Sahuagin, and they fight fiercely to defend the bronze dragon from the attacking monsters. The Sahuagin leader is quickly slain, and the rest of the creatures flee, allowing the group to breach the surface. Gust begins to push the the ship towards shore, but it is slow going, and suddenly a strange set of shadows loom over the group...

An immense phantasmal form, featuring waving suckered tentacles and a massive bloodshot eye breach the surface! The kraken has returned!

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