The Physicians run small hospitals throughout the Islands, running their medical centers like businesses. Even a simple checkup will cost you several days wages, and they hold a strong monopoly on skilled healers. Recent efforts by the more charitably minded members have pushed through an Insurance Act, in which citizens can opt to pay an extra percentage of taxes to the crown, allowing them access to health care. The Crown agreed to pay grants and dividends of the Insurance tax to the guild, but the rumor on the streets is that the crown isn’t living up to it’s side of the bargain, and the Physicians are ready to withhold services to Insured citizens.


Royal Master of Medicine and Apothecarians Robert Debonne

Chief Doctor Gerard Nedellec

The RMMA sits in the King's court as an advisor and petitioner for tax distribution. The position is largely formal, and has little to do with the actual administration or management of working Physicians. The Chief Doctor works out of the east end hospital Our Lady of Depths General Clinic, and is responsible for the continued research and training within the ranks of the Physicians.

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