Heavenism - the currently most proliferous religion on Aqueon - is a pre-Cataclysm(BAQ) religion that worshipped the deity that the angel Aqueon is believed to have been associated with. Heavenists have no specific name for their god, instead alluding to the deity through a varied manner of vague pronouns such as “Him,” “He,” “Watcher,” “Holy Drowner,” and so on. The later is a favourite of islanders and sailors, who often associate the god with the ocean, rivers and their ability to give and take at will. Priests of Heavenism don’t exactly appreciate and definitely won’t endorse that one. Prior to the Cataclysm, practicing clerics and holy knights of Heaven (and several other, much smaller religions) enjoyed the ability to summon small divine favours granted by their gods. Often this took the form of healing, the bolstering of strength and inspiring the ranks of devout followers. However, since the massive changes that have rocked the world, no single cleric has been able to muster this divine spell power. Instead, large groups of worshippers must gather and pray together for many hours in order to work the even the simplest of miracles the age old agents of Heaven claim to have been capable of.  

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