The Church is the predominant religion on the islands, and indeed most of the world. Aside from the sad few that count themselves as atheists or parishioners of small cults and fledgling religions, most people are Heavenists. Stemming from the worship of the Watcher, an omnipotent and temperamental god, Heavenism lays heavy importance on the second coming of Aqueon. Following the cataclysm, those who stood by the religion determined that angels would prefer to commune with mortal women rather than men, and ever since the papacy and upper councils have contained almost entirely females.

The Church’s upper echelons are lauded to be corrupt and greedy, but its lower level priests (the holy men and women that common folk are most likely to encounter) are pious and well regarded in their communities.

Papacy and LeadershipEdit

Her Holiness Augustine Carmela III

Octiviate Council:

  • Ruben Trundle
  • Timothy Pavone
  • Larua Casali
  • Sophia Cobbler
  • Julia Bullock
  • Rebecca Sharpe
  • Delaney LaForest
  • Nuria Crowshaw


It was many years following the Cataclysm before the faithful followers of Heaven again attempted to channel their god's divine power. It was found that in the ruins left by Aqueon, the powerful miracles and auras of the devout were no longer possible. After many years of focus, study and prayer, some clerics and priests managed to perform humble spells such as the mending of flesh wounds and broken digits. Some advancements have been made since, giving those of faith confidence that they will one day rediscover the power of long ago, but it is certain that a mortal wound is still mortal, and a grevious disease or plague is still a danger to the population. It is not uncommon for Kings, Queens and other wealthy and noble people to fall ill or suffer through a grevious wound,unable to be mended by even the most focused cabal of Heavenist priests.

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