The City of Chrysalid

Chrysalid is the capital city of the Chrysalid kingdom. It is the home of the King: Paul Al'Taggart III and his court. 

The city of Chrysalid is home to tens of thousands of people from all walks of life.


Chrysalid is a very old city, dating back to just two centuries after the Cataclysm. It has changed hands many times since it's founding, and has been a focal point of wars, political upheaval and civil unrest. 


Chrysalid is a port town located on the Southeastern end of the island. To the north and west are verdant hills and plains, much less extreme in altitude than the mountains in the central area of the island. It's climate is temperate, with mild winters and hot, humid summers.


Chrysalid is a chief exporter of rice and silk, the nearby hills to the north of town being an extremely fertile area to grow grains. Silk moths, which were common upon the island's settlement, have been domesticated and now produce vast quantities of the material in large warehouses on the East end of the city.


Chrysalid is ruled by King Paul Al'Taggart III, although many local matters are handled by an appointment council of governors and lords known as the Silk Court. Some citizens refer to it deprecatingly as the "Moth Ball."


Chrysalid has several schools for the education of children, two universities (Lord's University and the Royal Chrysalid College of Scribes, several libraries and is home to headquarters and main offices of each of the socially minded guilds.

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