Chrysalid is an island kingdom in the world of Aqueon, nestled in the Northern hemisphere of Aqueon next to it’s tenuous allies Nevharja and Cirivium.

Towns and CitiesEdit

  • Aque’Proccor
  • Greysand
  • Waterford


The current ruler of Chrysalid is King Paul Al’Taggart III , a virtually ancient man at the ripe age of 95. King Paul came to power at the age of eleven, his coronation signalling the end of the bloody and bitter Tricorn Civil War, so called due to the three competing families, all of whom held command over substantial naval fleets. The war lasted eleven years, and by the time it came to a close, Paul, who wasn’t even born when the conflict began, found himself the eldest living competitor, all senior members of the three families having been killed in the war.

Over the past 85 years, the islands have seen their share of conflict, but often Paul emerged as a peacemaker of sorts, speaking as a voice of reason between the other three kings. Under his guidance - and the guidance of those who stood behind him in his years as a child-king - the Al’Taggart kingdom has emerged as the dominant economic and political force in the Glittering Seas.


Chrysalid is the Chartered Island’s primary exporter of rice and silk. The drug trade here is rampant, thanks in large part to the Charlies. Crime, corruption and the black market run rampant, and anyone attempting to get involved in the political or economic forces on the island will inevitably run into the various power players.   

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