The Brothers of Science are the archaeologists, anthropologists, inventors and magicians that strive to discover both truths about the past, and knowledge to guide the future down a more comfortable and technologically advanced path. They know that the abilities the population had before the Cataclysm were fantastical and they hope to bring the current world’s magic and technology up to snuff.


Grand Architect Haris Heeley - Designer and Shipwright, President of the Brothers of Science

Mister Martin Doyle - Royal Scrivener, Vice President

The Brothers of Science, being a logic minded fellowship, is goverened by democracy. Every three years a general election is held from within the ranks of card carrying members. The winner of the election becomes president, and the runner-up is named vice president. It is not uncommon for some to serve multiple terms, and current President Grand Architect Haris Heeley has held office in one of the two positions for 15 years running.

The President and VP sit on many councils, including the King's Deck, and are given generous stipends drawn from guild dues to fund their research and living costs.

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